Project Description

home_largephone-2home_largephone-2Paleo is the free-to-play, virtual, adventure collectible-card game (CCG), where you wage combat against opponents to win more cards and gems! Can you protect the island of Paleo against all enemies? Rewards await those who do. Unlock opponent levels for more gems and Game-Center achievements.



  • Over 130 cards and six different card-types, with many more in development.
  • Unique, never-before-seen, 5×5 game board. Control zones, recruit creatures and wage attacks against your opponent and their army.
  • Over 15 opponents. Defeat opponents to unlock new levels; earn gems and cards as you battle and win!
  • Recruit creatures, arm them with attachments like swords and mutations, then support them
  • by playing actions. Do this and victory will be yours.
  • Five factions of creatures, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Quick to learn; but deep strategy required to master.
  • Formidable AI (artificial intelligence) to play against.
  • Detailed, in-game tutorials to help you get into play quickly.
  • Game-Center integration with leaderboards, badges and achievements.

Paleo CCG